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5Pcs 007 Disposable Super Cigarette Holder WW13011608

Model: WW13011608

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Are you still looking for a healthy lifestyle? But, you can´t refuse to the Filter Cigarette because you are a cigarette smoker. For that, you can reduce the harm of cigarette with the use of this Trolley and Core Multifunctional Filter Cigarette Holder. Actually, it is an applied and creative filter cigarette holder. It is cleanable andcool for every smoker. It can effectively filter the harmful ingredients in cigarette smoke. It will effectively relieve the cough, chest distress, sore throat caused by smoking.

It adopts physical filtering method, no harmful chemical substances
The nozzle cleaner pin is used to remove impurities at the air hole
Reduce tar, nicotine and other harmful substance when you are smoking
It can eliminate the tar of cigarette(including nicotine and other harmful composition), keep original taste and make cigarette taste very refreshing
Cigarette Holder Rubber ring can guard against smoking and tar leakage
Please keep away from children


1.55"" x 0.36"" / 3.94 x 0.29cm (L x Dia.)

The Hole Size
0.13"" / 0.33cm

0.49oz / 14g


Package Includes

1 x 5Pcs 007 Disposable Super Cigarette Holder

Today there many different lines on the market, this adds to the general confusion many bass anglers have about line. Today this dyneema braided fishing line is highly recommended. Easy handling, good knot strength and high stretch, this is durable and economic for you to use. You can roll the best fish line up when you do not use it and it adapts to lots of fishing conditions. Adopt dyneema braided wire and lightweight design, our Power Fish Line provides you long jettisoning.Overall, this is a rewarding fishing line you can´t lose.

Light weight and resistant to water absorption
Thin diameter offers accurate casting
Ultra powerful with high energy
Superior abrasion resistance
Tough and round to prevent diggin-in on reel
Ultra sensitive with near zero stretch
Specialised for salt water & freshwater


Superstrong Polyethylene Fiber

Line Length


Lb test



Package Includes

1 x Fish Line

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